Konstnär och liberal.

Virtuellt liv

Jag är en virtuell medborgare i Second life. Jag är där ofta och partar, bygger 3D grejor och sköter mitt galleri. Där utställningar kommer och går. Tror det är 14 år nu.

Ibland spelar jag World of warcraft. Min taktik är spoils of war. Jag hänger på andra spelare när det gäller att ta ut en boss. Jag tycker faktiskt att jag är ganska lik mitt inre jag.

  • Another day another exhibition. 12 september, 2021
    It is on a sad subject. But it is good. Food for thought.
  • New art project @ Museum Island 17 augusti, 2021
    Very nice a liked it. Go and see. SL is still the best for art projects. http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Museum%20Island/117/175/22
  • Rain! So I went to Miami beach in SL instead. 6 juli, 2021
    This is a really cool build. You really feel like you are in a episode of Miami vice. Taking a break from exploring at the beach for a while. Happy about my VR rig when I can visit places like this.
  • Need more AI people. 4 juli, 2021
    Today I visited a sim with a lot of static people. Really nice models. My ava looked weird. I really makes the sim more alive even if the models are static. I think virtual reality needs more models moving around sitting and eating and so much more, All the empty sims really look old and […]
  • Three hours on the dancefloor. Second Pride. 12 juni, 2021
    On Second Pride and still going. Need some coffee.
  • Pride in Second life again. 6 juni, 2021
    And I will try to do some partying.
  • Its my birthday. 3 juni, 2021
    @ my house in Second life. Maybe I go out partying later. There have to be some nice club out in the Metaverse. First food and drink. A lot of it.